Course Listing
Core Courses
CWTD 601 Tourism Assessment & Development Destinations*
CWTD 602 Environmental Management for Tourism*
CWTD 603 Strategic Tourism Marketing*
Elective Courses
CWTD 605 Applied Tourism Research
CWTD 607 Electronic Marketing and Internet Applications
CWTD 608 Ecotourism Management
CWTD 609 Ecolodge Development
CWTD 610 Coastal & Marine Ecotourism
CWTD 611 Safety & Security for Tourism Destinations
CWTD 612 Sport Tourism Development
CWTD 613 Customer Service for Tourism Organizations
CWTD 614 Cultural Heritage Tourism
CWTD 615 Tourist Guide Techniques
CWTD 616 Tourism Investment Promotion
CWTD 618 Defining the Role of Destination Management Companies
CWTD 619 Database and Internet Marketing of Tourism Destinations
CWTD 620 Customer Service for the Hospitality Industry
CWTD 621 Hospitality Management & Operations
CWTD 622 Casino Operations
CWTD 623 Marketing for the Gaming Industry
CWTD 624 Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry
CWTD 625 Community-based Tourism
CWTD 626 Proposal Processes and Proposal Writing
SPMD 710 Destination Selling
SPMD 711 Retail Marketing: Merchandising for Profitability
SPMD 712 Management and Leadership for Sports Organizations
SPMD 714 Funding Sports Organizations
SPMD 715 Risk Management in Athletics
SPMD 716 Sport Marketing
SPMD 717 Sponsorship
SPMD 718 Sport Event Management
SPMD 719 Real Estate Investing
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